• Respect the Berlin Code of Conduct
  • All code has to be created during the hacking time (Sat. 10 am - Sun. 10 am.)
  • Teams may have a maximum size of 5 members
  • Only use public frameworks
  • Submit your projects to our GitHub Organization
  • Projects or submissions containing threatening, harassing, degrading, obscene, indecent or otherwise objectionable or hateful content results in disqualification
  • Breaking the rules of the Code of Conduct results in disqualification



… will be announced via Slack (#announcements).


… are always available!


Github is the place to be for open source and collaboration! But we wouldn't want to invite everyone by hand in the GitHub organization of DO!Hack. So for the most part our Github bot handles the things that are possible with the Github API. Only some team configuration needs to be done by yourself. So try it out and give us feedback, if any problems occure - our mentors are there to help you! ;)

  1. Before using the Bot:
    1. Every team member needs an account at Github. If you don't have one, you can register yourself at:
    2. Don't forget to activate your account.
  2. Using the bot
    1. Only your team captain visits and follows the on screen instructions.
      Be aware: Github names are case-sensitive, so double check the spelling.
  3. After using the bot
    1. All team members should have an invite to join the GitHub organization of DO!Hack. You can check your invites via or email
    2. All team members should also have an invite to join your created repository. You can check your invites via{myRepoName}/invitations or email
    3. Additional Steps for your team captain:
      1. Create a team on the GitHub organization of DO!Hack you just joined:
        (Button "new team")
      2. Invite your teammates to the team:{myTeamName}/members
        (Button "Add a member")
      3. Configure your desired permission level of the team on your repository:{myRepoName}/settings/collaboration
        (Button "Add a team" and choose your team and on the right a permission level - we recommend the "write" level for newbies and higher permissions ("maintainer" or "admin") for advanced users))
  4. Nice! Now you have: - Your own team and repository. Welcome in our Github organization! Happy Coding!


Important channels

  • #announcements - Event-wide announcements (e.g. Tech-Talks, Meals, ...)
  • #help - Need any help? Just ask here
  • #general - Team-wide communication
  • #teambuilding - Find other attendees to build your dream team

Feedback Survey

Although this is the 5th DO!Hack, there is always room for improvements. Help us with that by answering our feedback survey. We're looking forward to your honest answers! If you want to say anything more or remember something when you're at home contact us via social media our email ;)


Together with the city of Dortmund we provide you with some APIs to get data for your projects. These interfaces can provide different sets of data, for example JSON, XML or CSV. If you have questions to one of the endpoints feel free to ask one of our mentors on the event.

If you want to work with the CIRC API please contact us and we'll provide you with the credentials. The API produces links which are not working at the moment. Please use URLs like '' instead of the generated URLs like ''. If there are any problems please contact a mentor.

Social Media

Offical Hashtag



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DO!Hack 2019 offers you free WiFi. Because we're using adesso's WiFi you have to accept their terms and conditions. To do so, open your browser and you'll be redirected to a welcome page, where you can accept the terms and conditions.

The WiFi name is "adesso-guest".

If you're going to use a desktop computer please bring a WiFi stick as well. There won't be any LAN connections.


Day 1, 27th September
17:30 Opening Doors & Registration
19:00 Init
19:15 Impulse Talks
20:00 Pizza & Meet the Team
21:00 Idea Pitching
22:00 Coding in the Dark
Day 2, 28th September
08:30 Breakfast & Opening
09:30 init();
10:00 run(hacking);
13:00 Lunch
19:00 Dinner
22:00 Karate Dōjō
00:00 Midnight Snack
Day 3, 29th September
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 terminate(hacking);
Jury Pre-Evaluation
Make Presentations
12:00 Final Presentations
13:30 Lunch
14:00 Fun with Jannick
15:30 Awards
16:00 Closure


We'll be using the parking lot directly behind our location, accessible from Stockholmer Allee. Use the address Adessoplatz 1 (former known as Stockholmer Allee 20) for your navigation system. Location