DO!Hack.js is all about JavaScript. However, we not only focus on developers but also on designers who love to bring ideas to color.

We are open for anyone, who wants to participate on an exciting event in the very heart of Dortmund. In our opinion Hackathons are an opportunity to learn and to be a part of a team but also to do mistakes in a secured environment.

During the event our 50 applicants have 24 hours to develop a project in a team. We will not specify the projects. If you have a good idea you're free to build a team and make your own project. But don't panic if you don't have an idea. Maybe you'll find someone with an idea in which you are interested in or a team you like to work with and brainstorm together. Of course, you can also talk to our sponsors for inspiration. Also, if you run into any problems during the development, we'll have a whole lot of mentors to help you!


Questions and answers

Who can attend?

Anyone who has experience in IT or related fields can attend. Hackathons come alive throught projects developed with teamwork and passion, so if you haven't been to a hackathon yet, you should give it a shot!

How much does it cost?

DO!Hack is a free conference. We provide you with healthy food, yummy drinks, interesting Tech-Talks!

Can I apply as a beginner?

Yes, definetely! The Event is full of experienced mentors and nice teammates that can help you. We encourage you to contribute with the skills you have.

What can i build?

You can work on whatever you want. The freedom to create something unique is part of the main reasons to organise a hackathon. But if you are totally stuck, we got your back. There will be some challenges and ideas you can work on, which may even lead to a special price.


Only projects started at the hackathon will be eligible for prizes. We will setup a Github organization for collaborating on the projects.

How do i find a team?

You can built your team with up to a maximum of five members. It is also possible to form a team with less people, but there will be a plenty of options to form a team before the hacking starts.

What should i bring to the Event?

Bring your laptop, charger and other gadgets you might use for your project (We also recommend comfortable clothing). For sleeping, bring your sleeping bag, we will provide a room for sleeping.

Overnight stay?

Sure! We'll have a sleeping room available, just bring your sleeping bag!


Day 1, 23rd March
09:00 Breakfast & Opening
10:00 init();
11:00 run(hacking);
13:00 Lunch
17:00 PottJS meets DO!Hack
17:30 Tech Talk: The year after #TheYearOfPWA
18:20 Tech Talk: Better than the future they promise'd you
19:10 Tech Talk: Redux - The union of the state (pun intended ;) )
20:00 Tech Talk: CSS - Warum wir es hassen und es lieben lernen können
20:30 Dinner
23:00 Coding in the Dark
00:00 Midnight Snack
Day 2, 24th March
09:00 Breakfast
11:00 terminate(hacking);
12:00 Final Presentations
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Awards


Madeleine gives a glimpse of why we often do not like CSS and how we can manage to like it again. She goes into the basics of CSS and why it is important to understand them. Afterwards she gives an overview of the paradigm BEM and how to write maintainable CSS.

Tobias gives a brief overview on what Redux is, what it`s used for, and why it can make large applications more stable and maintainable.

In her talk, Anna describes how to effectively use the Promise language feature in JavaScript, and especially in Node.js, and how to do clean asynchronous programming with async/await.

Igor and Kai will give you a short introduction into what is a PWA and what makes it awesome. They will give you a walk through the basic steps of creating a PWA with Angular and Angular Material.