16th - 17th July 2016 in Dortmund


Meet new people and build great projects - anything from a beer serving robot to the next hot social network!. Creativity is the only limit! Just remember: There are no bad ideas! You can work on anything you want. The only condition is: You will only be judged on what you wrote within these 24 hours.

Get in touch with some of the engineers and recruiters of our sponsors, and make contact. Many companies usually send their developers to hackathons for presenting their API, give technical talks and get feedback about their products, that may have been used during the hackathon.

You have the opportunity to meet fellow programmers from all over the world, exchange your knowledge or even find your future business partner with whom you will found your first start-up.


Questions and answer

Can I apply as a beginner?
Yes, definetely! The Event is full of experienced mentors and nice teammates that can help you. We encourage you to contribute with the skills you have.
Who can attend?
Anyone who has experience in IT or related fields can attend. Hackathons come alive throught projects developed with teamwork and passion, so if you haven't been to a hackathon yet, you should give it a shot!
How much does it cost?
DO!Hack is a free conference. We provide you with healthy food, yummy drinks, interesting Tech-Talks!
What can I build?
You can work on whatever you want. The freedom to create something unique is part of the main reasons to organise a hackathon. But if you are totally stuck, we got your back. There will be some challenges and ideas you can work on, which may even lead to a special price.
Only projects started at the hackathon will be eligible for prizes. We encourage you to use a service like Github for collaborating on the projects.
How do I find a team?
You can build your team with up to a maximum of four members. It is also possible to form a team with less people, but there will be a plenty of options to form a team before the hacking starts.
What should I bring to the Event?
Bring your laptop, charger and other gadgets you might use for your project (We also recommend comfortable clothing). For sleeping, bring your sleeping bag, we will provide a room for sleeping.
Overnight stay?
Sure! We'll have a sleeping room available, just bring your sleeping bag!


Day 1, 16th July
10:30Welcome Address
11:30Start Hacking
14:00Tech Talks
19:00More Tech Talks
20:00Special Games
00:00Midnight Snack
Day 2, 17th July
11:30End of Hacking
13:00Final Presentations


Microservices with Spring Boot and Docker

Speaker Image Andreas Diepenbrock

Andreas Diepenbrock | SEELab

Immediate impact of Science to Society & Interdisciplinary Co-Creation for Good

Speaker Image Daniel Dobos and Ines Knäpper

Daniel Dobos and Ines Knäpper | The Port

Light control System meets Internet of Things

Speaker Image Sven Müller

Sven Müller | Trilux

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Christoph Weinzierl

Christoph Weinzierl

Kai Schröer

Kai Schröer

Mikołaj Wawrzyniak

Mikołaj Wawrzyniak

Silas Mahler

Silas Mahler